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Lite Vision
LiteVision DVR LVR-9032

DVR Standalone Premium

DVR LiteVision LVR-9032
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Lite Vision
DVR Litevision LVR-9024

DVR Standalone Premium

DVR 24 Channel LiteVision LVR-9024
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Lite Vision
LiteVision LVR-9004

DVR Standalone Premium

DVR Standalone 4Ch Realtime
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Lite Vision
LiteVision LVR-9008

DVR Standalone Premium

DVR Standalone 8Ch Realtime H264
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Lite Vision
LiteVision LVC-112DBS

CCTV High Resolution series

Kamera CCTV LiteVision High Resolution Series
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Lite Vision: LiteVision LVR-9016

Lite Vision: LiteVision LVR-9016
  • Merk: Lite Vision
  • Type: LiteVision LVR-9016
  • Kategori: DVR Standalone Premium
  • Harga: Hubungi Kami!

DVR Standalone Premium - Lite Vision: LiteVision LVR-9016

DVR Standalone 16 Ch Realtime H264


*Stand-Alone DVR,  H.264 Compression
* High quality video Display PAL (704x576) real time
* Multiple Recording/ Search Categories
* Real time recording support: 480 Fps for NTSC at CIF
*16ch Video recording at the same time
*Pentaplex: Live, Record, Playback, Back-up and Network 
*Backup: CD-RW, USB 2.0, HDD, and NET backup supported

*USB2.0 Mouse, Remote Control, PTZ, Camera, RS485 

*Support max 2 x 2TB ( Total 4TB ) 
*3G, Symbian, Win CE Support, Blackberry, IPHONE, IPAD, Android Mobile monitoring

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